Zombies!!! #reflection


I have had this game on my iPad for almost as long as I have been playing around with Apple stuff. I might have mentioned it before when talking about some other games, but I think this has become a standard for testing games for me when I am debating on whether or not I will pick them up for the collection. Yeah, I am talking about Zombies!!!(Twilight Creations)

ZombiesI ended up picking up the third edition. Not that it changes the way the game plays or anything, but it does offer some play variations (so yeah, it does change the way it plays) as well as the classic game. Like I said, I’ve been playing the game for a while now, but only played the physical version a couple times. The only difference between the two comes in the animations used in the digital version. And those are there simply to make the visual presentation a bit more interesting.

Anyway, the concept is simple, as you work through your turn you lay out a new tile of the game board (essentially, you build the town you are being chased by zombies in as you play the game). The longer the game goes, the more the zombie horde grows. There are two ways to win the basic game. The first is to reach the center of the helipad and be lifted off to safety. Or kill zombies for fun and profit. The first person to kill off 25 zombies is the winner.

It’s funny, I don’t really play most digital games against other people. I haven’t really enjoyed online games in a long time. I think most of the time if I am going to play against other people, I prefer to do it in person. Something about the real-life connection and smack talk creates an experience you don’t really have online. Granted it may be that the smack in person isn’t taken nearly as personal as it can be when you can’t see your opponent. But I digress…

Anyway, where was I going with this…

So yeah, I picked up a new game to add to the collection. Though it isn’t as new to me in the big picture. Sometimes I wonder how we ever made it without all the possibilities we have available now. Do you remember when the only way to see if you liked a game was to buy it and hope you can find some people to play it with you? Sure, we still run into the problem of finding players for games at times now, but the situation is so different than it used to be.

And even then, the computer opponents we grew up with were nothing to write home about. Now you can pick up games with AI that makes you question your life up to that moment. Soon maybe we will run across the AI set up with the smack talk that makes us cry when it smacks its cards on the table.

I think I went in an odd direction with this. Maybe I should stop now before I get too far out of hand with it all. In a nutshell, I added a new game to my collection. I get to shoot zombies and make the people I game with cry as we torment each other while playing strange games. Yeah, sometimes life just goes odd…


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