The Winter Ghost

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The Winter Ghost

This is Winter Ghost, prince of the Northwoods. He is strong and fast and always vigilant. It must be so, for he is always hunted. Puma, lynx, bobcat, coyote, hawk, and owl have all pursued him.

Today, he follows the deer to a clearing. He sees a human’s hutch and watches as the deer eat food that has been placed on the ground.

The Winter Ghost

Photo by K. S. Brooks

The deer have been here before, and feel at ease, but Winter Ghost is cautious. He waits and watches. He hears the clumsy footstep of a human…

How can this be? The human, female, speaks to the deer in soft voice. Winter ghost feels a pull of peace to come to the human as the deer have.

He knows he can’t. Humans hunt, kill, with more veracity than the predators that roam his lands. His belly rumbles with the hunger of harsh winter. And the desire comes upon him again.

He hops forward, a quiet step through the tall grass. Nose and whiskers wrinkle in the morning air. The only predator is this human, but she appears to be, different. Another hop and the grass rustles with his movement.

She turns to see him at the edge of the tall grass. She speaks to him, the words soothing, calm. The words pull him closer, he can no longer fight the need to be with her, in her arms. Her song, unlike the coyote’s fills his soul with warmth.

He hops again to land at her feet with the deer and the food so graciously offered. Her soft words urge him to eat, have his fill.

The deer have their fill of the food then lay down in the tall grass, sated. Winter Ghost feeds, relaxed as she pets his soft fur and ears. The knife that cuts his throat goes unnoticed.

She makes her way back to the cabin with the rabbit held by its ears. “I have dinner,” she said. “You need to pick up a couple deer so we can dress em out for storage.”


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