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Of all the strange things to happen this week, April 1st falls on a Wednesday. I think we already had our April Fool though when the normal Wednesday Indies Unlimited story was posted on Monday. If you haven’t had a chance, check it out. It ended up a longer story than the usual 250 words.

The interesting tidbit of the change up this week is the opportunity we have before us. You see, April is NaPoWriMo or National Poetry Writing Month. Granted I don’t do much poetry around here, I mean it is a rarity to see any within these pages. But I wanted to do a little something different and in keeping with the quick beats we see on Wednesdays, I think this might be the perfect way to kick off the month.

Who knows what the rest of the month might hold in store for us…

White Lines

Spaced to the left
Single dashes flash in front
And to the past.

White Lines

flickr Creative Commons via Kevin Dooley

Like a razor blade the lines
Of the road cut the path
In front of the car.

Driving so fast
Racing through the night
A black sheet of darkness
Cut by white lines.

Memories in the night
Come only for the lines.
The people are swirled

And blended, like drinks.
Too many drinks,
And the smoke, what

Was in those rolled up
Papers? White and clean
Like the lines that stretched
In front of the car.

There is only so much
A person can take,
When they are young

Trying to fit in.
With white lines
All around, and nothing

But a need to belong.

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