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Uncharted Tales

You know those moments where you write and write and come to find that what you wrote makes so little sense and is so far away from the idea you thought you were writing about… No? Just me?

That’s what I found when I first stepped into this bit of thought. Basically, I had an idea I was intending to go with and everything that came out didn’t fit in with that at all and the premise on the screen was something that I disproved along the way. I had managed to write a circle around myself.

Anyway, now that we have gotten that out of the way and wasted a bit of our time (it’s a bit like chewing bubble gum). Let’s get into the thoughts for the day.

I think it was a while back that I mentioned something about the show 24 and why I don’t really care for it. Basically, the premise of all of that happening in a single 24 hour period and leaving you wondering about the rest of the year. Stuff like that makes no sense. Which is a stark contrast to stories like the one I am going to talk a bit about today.

I have watched through all of the seasons of Farscape several times now. Yeah, this is nothing like 24. The seasons all play out as a larger storyline. The show ran from 1999 to 2003. All of the seasons are on Netflix or can be picked up from just about anywhere else that sells such things. If you haven’t ever seen the show, you should probably fix that. And this leads us a bit further down the rabbit hole.

There is something to be said about finding the bigger picture. As part of the franchise the creators went a bit further and created a comic series that coincided with the show. Mind you these comics came out years later. Which kinda circles back to my original thoughts. So we are going to side step for a second and delve into those for a second.

The way we experience stories has changed. You know the usual drill, book stores, used book stores, television, done. Those were are only ways to find stories and when a series was over it was over, except for syndication. But really it was about all we had.Uncharted Tales

We have always wanted more.

If the stories weren’t there, then we would make up our own. Fan fiction is proof of this, doesn’t matter if it is legal or not. It exists and is a thing. Of course the difference now is, with the aid of the internet it is easy to find eyes for the fan fiction. Mind you, this isn’t a plug for fan fiction, merely a statement of need for more from stories. We want to know what happens within the dash of time.

Which brings us to the story I read recently. Farscape D’Argo’s Lament (Boom! 2010, Uncharted Tales series). This story takes place between season three and four of the show, but remember the show ended roughly seven years before the graphic novel was published.

Personally, I loved this story and thought it a great addition to the lore of the show. It is a look into Ka D’Argo’s past while being part of a moment in time within the main storyline.

And I know stuff like this has existed for some time. But the thing is, it’s happening more often than it ever used to happen. The ability to be absorbed into a storyline from different directions has almost become a normal everyday thing for us. For me, I am still waiting for the day when it is all linked in one continuous feed (think of the news feeds from the movie Starship Troopers).

The world may stay the same no matter how much it changes, but sometimes those changes will be new ways to see the whole thing.


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