Tie Fighter #reflection

Tie Fighter

Or Dog Fights don’t just happen in space

I honestly can’t remember if I have shared this particular video before or if I have spoken about it. But it doesn’t really matter because this is such a good one that it deserves more views. And I think where I my mind is today, isn’t where it was when I might have spoken of it in the past.

This is the thing (in my roundabout way). The video itself is a fan animation with a Star Wars theme. Basically we are looking at a dog fight from the Tie Fighter pilot’s perspective. And the video is amazing. I can’t count how many times I have seen it now and it blows me away every time. But I digress…

See, it took me through some thoughts this time. I am sure you follow the progression. You see one thing that sparks a memory, that in turn sparks another memory, and before you know it you have the song Macarena stuck in your head… Just me? Where was I?

Thoughts on story, yep, that’s where I was going with this. I mean, aside from the horror show of the IP juggernaut of Disney, the Star Wars universe is a huge place with all manner of stuff built into it. This comes from official stuff as well as from fan made stuff. Even what Disney has deemed the Expanded universe, was at one time, official. I think I might be getting a touch of track here. So bringing it in.

Tie Fighter

Back to the video. See, this story is essentially little more than animation and music. It really is little more than a dog fight that might have happened at any point during the galactic civil war. But it’s like one more piece fitting into a giant puzzle that may never actually be finished.

I’m sitting here at a cross roads. The thought I was working through could lead down several paths but I don’t want to make this into something so huge I can’t pin it down. Which is exactly what can happen with something like this. My mind is turning in on itself and making it as complicated as it might actually be without intending to do so. Let me dig into that a moment.

See, the Star Wars universe is incredibly vast. So vast and so well fleshed out that Disney felt a need to cut a vast portion of it out of the lore they wanted to build on. I think I might have a way through the jungle here.

George Lucas created a behemoth when he made that first movie. It grew beyond anyone’s wildest imaginings. There is another creator that I can think of that did something similar, Tolkien. Tolkien had done so much world building that at one point he had to find a place to put all the extra. That was the birth of the Silmarillion. The difference here being, that with Lucas’s creation, so much of it has gone beyond his own hands (more so now that he no longer holds the rights).

So yeah, now I don’t even know what the original point I was making was. I have spun us down a rabbit hole that might take us months to figure out if we pursue this. I may have to leave us here and cut the losses before I get completely lost. Either way, watch the video. It’s fricken awesome. We can get into incoherent ramblings again another day.


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