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Thrawn Novelization

So it wasn’t that long ago when I talked about the graphical novel for the Timothy Zahn book Thrawn. And from that I have read and finished the novel itself. Right at the start, the comic does a great job of capturing the spirit of the story. But not necessarily the full story.

I knew there would be some differences between the two. That is expected in any kind of adaptation of a written work. But I did not expect the changes to be such a huge part of the underlying bits of the story. Thrawn Novelization

We have a couple incidents in the novel that don’t even show up in the comic. While at the same time, we see so much more of the subtext of who Thrawn is within the written work that would be impossible to show in a comic book. Hell, I am certain the subtext would be almost completely lost in a live action version of the story.

This doesn’t take away the power of the story though. In fact within in both stories I found something that drew me deeper and deeper into the world that the grand admiral inhabits. And he remains one of my favorite characters.

Now with that said we move on to some more stuff that needs to be explored. So, the story of Thrawn is more of a tie-in to the cartoon Star Wars: Rebels now. It gave Disney a chance to bring back one of the most interesting characters. I loved the series (still need to see season 4, which brings in a whole new set of problems).

And from there we step into the next endeavor on my reading list. I picked up the books Thrawn: Alliances recently. This is a storyline that connects Darth Vader and Grand Admiral Thrawn. I’m not too far into it yet so I will refrain from too much about the story. Although, I will mention a bit of the tie-in problem I have run into with it.

Alliances starts shortly after what must have transpired in Rebels season four. Without having seen that, I don’t know for sure the references being made within the first part of the story. But this doesn’t really affect how the story plays out other than to know that Thrawn faced a serious defeat in that final season. I need to catch up on such things.

Anyway, the series is fantastic and worth your time. At some point when I finish this book I will probably have some more thoughts to share. This one looks to be something I never expected for the story lines.


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