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The Other Skywalker

So, there is some updates in this coming up and even a bit of weirdness. But that’s the way of things. To start off though I have a story to tell in a roundabout way. Or maybe it’s straight forward and I really just want to hem and haw about getting into the writing for this.

At the start I am going to step back into the past a bit. See, a while back we had taken a trip to Washington DC and the Smithsonian. I’m pretty sure I mentioned something about that here (but I’m not going to dig around and find the links for that post if I did write one). Anyway, one of the things that came from that trip was the person who approached us out of the blue to mention that I looked very much like Mark Hammill.

Now if you hadn’t noticed in the past I have a long-standing history with Star Wars and its impact in my life. I mean I did see the original in the theater back in the 70s and I was but a wee one then. But I digress…

So, today I had someone else out of the blue mention a similar observation. We were in a parking lot and I have had a conversation with this person before (though we had only been in contact with each other twice, today included). Basically, I was walking to my car and he said out of the blue… “You look like Mark Hamill.” Granted I was wearing a Star Wars shirt at the time so it could lead to that connection, but still. Yeah, I am a little short for a stormtrooper…

The other Skywalker

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Anyway, aside from the fun of me taking up a possible career as a celebrity impersonator, I have been working on switching jobs again. This is the thing that has been eating away at my time and sanity for roughly the past month. And I didn’t really want to say anything public about it till after I put in my notice at my current job. All of that is done and I am ready to move on.

I’ve been learning how to drive a school bus, which means new endorsements on my driver’s license, and quite a bit of studying for the various tests I have had to take over the past couple weeks. It’s taken quite a bit of energy from not only that but also switching out my schedule to fit in with the new one. I have never been one to wake up for the day at 4:45. That right there is enough to make life ugly for me. I have had at least a month now of feeling jet lagged all the time. But we adjust and adapt to changes around us.

I had spent yesterday morning driving the guy in question’s morning route, picking up some kids for summer school. Now that I have a full license I can actually drive with students on the bus and do the stops that allow me to stop traffic and what not. It’s nice to get some extra training hours in.

Anyway, he had been wearing a Captain America shirt when I first met him. So, it stands to reason that the geeks recognize each other. And yeah, it still brings a sense of geeky glee to me when I am compared to Mr. Hamill, even when my connection is stronger with the father. Maybe if Luke and I had been twins, I would be the one more apt to fall to the dark side.

Or maybe I just need a nap today…


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