The Old Apartment

The Old Apartment

As I sit here listening to Mindless Self Indulgence, I was thinking of saying MSI so I could sound hip and cool but realized (after a bing search) that the letters lead to so many other things than the band and it would be weird and not sound hip or cool at all. So instead I say the whole name because I realize I am not hip nor cool and to indulge in such a fantasy isn’t really mindless at all. And it is from such things that strange thoughts are born, or something…

The Old Apartment

Cover to Frankenstein Girls will seem Strangely Sexy from Mindless Self Indulgence

But all of that has absolutely nothing to do with what is happening right now. Well, except that I am listening to the band as I sit here at the keyboard right now. I considered using one of their song titles for the post title but realized not all of them were safe for life so it would be better if I skipped that entirely. Instead I went with a song title from a Bare Naked Ladies album. That makes absolutely no sense, right?

So in the end we come to the point of what is going on right now. I am going to change up the format a little bit. The site will drop back down to three posts a week. This will fall into the pattern that has sustained it for quite some time now. What we will be looking at is posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And the biggest change is going to be the Monday post.

Instead of a story every single Monday, we will be looking at the day split between stories and explorations. Wednesdays and Fridays will remain unchanged. At least until such time as I want to do something strange and unusual with the days.

This move doesn’t necessarily change too much of what is going on around here. There will still be tons of stories but not as many available on the site itself. And it will also allow me to have the stories I share on Mondays to be longer pieces. This means overall a bigger story environment just not as often.

As always my goal here is to entertain you, the readers. It is my hope that the content that appears on these pages continues to give you some entertainment and sometimes even a surprise or two. The main changes are mostly an effort to maintain a bit of my sanity as I make adjustments with things behind the scenes. As crazy as it might seem, this space is here for the long term. Sometimes that means an adjustment or two to make the whole thing work.


You can support these stories at Patreon on a monthly basis. Not per post. Just click on the Patreon image. Extra stuff for different levels of support and I will be adding in more as time goes on. Thanks for your support. Or maybe a long term commitment is more than you are willing to deal with right now. If so, please drop a few bits into the tip jar. Either way, I appreciate the sentiment and it helps keep this place going.

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