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Building Armies

Building Armies #gamerproblems

Building Armies So what happens when you play table top games and war games and have a 3D printer at your disposal? Well, first you go through all sorts of problems to get it to work. And then it works for a bit and you run into all sorts of …

Gaslands terrain

Gaslands Terrain #reflection #crafting

Gaslands Terrain So I didn’t think I would be talking about Gaslands again this soon. I mean it, I feel a bit like a broken record right now. But I did a thing… Gaslands is a miniatures game. Part of that hobby is building and painting squads or armies to …

little wars

Little Wars #reflection

Little Wars I fell down a rabbit hole. Whether intentional or not I have delved deep into a world of information that actually makes me feel like a neophyte geek. Before I go any further, this isn’t some odd reference to porn (I swear it was spam… I didn’t actually …