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Breaking Empires

Breaking Empires #reflection

Breaking Empires This is actually going to have nothing to do with Star Wars. Yeah, I know what you thought when you saw that Empires bit in the title. My mind went there too. Or maybe it’s because I am reading some older comics that Disney tells us no longer …

what makes a good neighbor

What makes a Good Neighbor

What Makes a Good Neighbor Ever have one of those days where it isn’t anything like what you think but the other keeps popping into your head anyway? Wait, that sounds weird. Let me start over… Ever have one of those days when a commercial is stuck in your head …

Dance the Macabray

Dance the Macabray

I will be out of the office for a little bit this week. So it will seem like I am a ghost for a couple days. Wait, that probably won’t much different than now. But either way, I am going to leave this here for you to check out. Dance …