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Bus thoughts

Bus Thoughts #reflection

I meant to post this last week. And then… the world slipped into crazy mode. At the time I would have posted this I wasn’t sure I would be able to survive over the next month. Last Friday we found out that Michigan schools would be shut down at least …


Happy 244 #USMC

Happy 244th Birthday to the United States Marine Corp This is going out a little early, but November 10th falls on the weekend. Happy birthday to those who have earned the title United States Marine. We are all 244 this year.

Sweat and Celebration

Sweat and Celebration #reflection

Sweat and Celebration I don’t believe I am about to say this… Apparently, we have reached information overload. This is something I never would have expected from my brain; something that shouldn’t even be a thought. But I honestly don’t know what to think about this other than, Gah! See, …