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Supurbia #reflection

Supurbia The neighborhood I live in is essentially two different neighborhoods. At least when it comes to the age of the houses. See, the street we live on is part of the original neighborhood. The houses here have been around since probably the 70s or so. The streets further into …

Gaming at the library

Gaming at the Library

Gaming at the Library I know, I am a bit late with the Friday post. I could say I have reasons but those really don’t matter. The thing is, it is coming now. Or maybe, I will get into the reasons a bit because that leads up to what we …

Return the Joke

Return the Joke

I am running a bit out of order this week. Please bear with me as I get reoriented and such. The good news is the cold from the depths is receding and I am able to get things moving properly again. The ugly news is, now I am digging out …