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Shadows of Brimstone

First House

First House #3Dprinting #3Dtabletop

First House There was a meme that I ran across recently that summed up so much of my frustrations lately. The gist of the meme was Rage Against the Machine must have been talking about 3D printers. Yeah, it made me laugh. Sure, there is a lot you can do …

Swamps of Death

Swamps of Death #shadowsofbrimstone

Swamps of Death My birthday has come and gone, the last of my still not 50 birthdays. This is the last year that I live outside of that 5th decade and I don’t know that I like that it is still fast approaching. But I digress… The family asked what …

Printed Solutions

Printed Solutions #makerproblems

Printed Solutions So here’s the thing… At times I think I have a problem. Yeah, I currently see the 3D printer as the solution maker. And many times it can be. I have gotten away from making stuff through foam and cardboard, at least most of the time. When it …

Printer aggravation

Printer Aggravations #aneta8

Printer Aggravations So I did a thing. You may remember that I was beginning to work on printing minis with the 3D printer. Well, I’m starting to figure it out. It’s a process for sure and there is always something new to learn. But its getting there. In my quest …