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Blade runner

Blade Runner #reflection

Blade Runner People die. Wow, that’s a downer. I actually didn’t expect that to be my opener for this. Don’t go reading too much into that. I mean, we could come up with all manner of things to say about the statement and know that I really didn’t have to …

Is Your Love Strong Enough

On a good note, I feel like I am catching back up with life again. This is a good thing. Of course, as it would happen, I ended up having to reset my iPad due to a strange glitch. The good thing is, the only thing I really lose in …

alien vs my nightmares

Alien Vs. My Nightmares

There have been some technical difficulties this week. So if you didn’t notice, ya, last night we missed a story. Do not fear, this will be rectified on Thursday this week. After this week the world should return to normal. Which probably means wars and famine and all sorts of …