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Gaslands Carnage

Gaslands Carnage

Gaslands Carnage It’s a snow day and as always, I am behind on everything. Anyway, I am using that as an excuse to talk games again. Yep, this is another game thought we will “suffer” through. Or something. Anyway, it was just a bit ago one of my gaming friends …

Dark Angel

Dark Angel #reflection

Thoughts on Dark Angel I’m not sure what grabbed ahold of me recently but I had an urge and had to make it happen. The show had been on Netflix at one point but I can’t remember much of it and I don’t even remember if I had seen all …

the city lord

The City Lord #reflection

The City Lord Sometimes, we find things we didn’t expect. Or something… And right now I really have an urge to write the subtitle of Dr. Strangelove and it has absolutely nothing to do with the task at hand. (If you didn’t know, that is “How I learned to stop …