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What's in the Report 1

What’s in the Report?

What’s in the Report? There seems to be an ongoing need to turn the ideas of Philip K. Dick and adapt them for the screen, big and small. Minority Report has had a TV show adapted recently and soon Man in the High Castle will be streaming through Amazon. Granted …

What do you remember

What do you Remember?

What do you Remember? Today we are going to look at three different things, sorta… kinda… Actually it is all the same thing but in three different forms. What the hell am I talking about? Simple really, “We can Remember it for you Wholesale”, or in the more popular form, …

Time Keeps on Slipping

Time Keeps on Slipping

Time Keeps on Slipping No matter what people might do to it, the past is immutable, unchanging. Time marches on, a linear path forward to our eventual destination. Much like a river, a stone thrown into the stream of time can force it to swarm around even the smallest change. …