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Building Armies

Building Armies #gamerproblems

Building Armies So what happens when you play table top games and war games and have a 3D printer at your disposal? Well, first you go through all sorts of problems to get it to work. And then it works for a bit and you run into all sorts of …

Gaslands Refuelled

Gaslands Refuelled #reflection

Gaslands Refuelled Yep, hitting another gaming post this week. This time we are going back into the Gaslands, mainly because two big things have happened recently. The first was the end of our first season of monthly races that I had been a part of at Infinity Games in Coldwater, …

Gaslands terrain

Gaslands Terrain #reflection #crafting

Gaslands Terrain So I didn’t think I would be talking about Gaslands again this soon. I mean it, I feel a bit like a broken record right now. But I did a thing… Gaslands is a miniatures game. Part of that hobby is building and painting squads or armies to …

Gaslands Carnage

Gaslands Carnage

Gaslands Carnage It’s a snow day and as always, I am behind on everything. Anyway, I am using that as an excuse to talk games again. Yep, this is another game thought we will “suffer” through. Or something. Anyway, it was just a bit ago one of my gaming friends …