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Neil Gaiman

Starz American Gods

Starz American Gods #reflection

Starz American Gods I feel like I should give this some kind of grand entrance and make it all seem really important and what not. But then, that wouldn’t be the way we do things around here. The other option would be to make it all cryptic and misleading and …

Marvel 1602

Marvel 1602 #reflection

Marvel 1602 I haven’t been reading much for super hero comics or graphic novels lately. Wait, scratch that, reverse it. It is probably more appropriate to say that I haven’t been reading many of the titles from the big players in super heroes. The more recent titles from Marvel and …

Douglas Adams

I Never Met Douglas Adams

We will begin today with a bit of a side note. For some odd reason mail chimp has been slow to send out post emails. For subscribers to the site it makes it seem that my posting schedule has been even more out of whack than it actually is. With …

Dance the Macabray

Dance the Macabray

I will be out of the office for a little bit this week. So it will seem like I am a ghost for a couple days. Wait, that probably won’t much different than now. But either way, I am going to leave this here for you to check out. Dance …

Let's Dance

Let’s Dance

Let’s Dance Put on your red shoes and dance the blues… Yeah, it’s been an emotional day for me. This will be a bit disjointed as I hit a few different thoughts, but after the news this morning the list of things to talk about grew. Granted the first thing …



Ask I haven’t finished reading it yet, but that isn’t going to stop me right now. You might think it a bit odd to recommend a book or talk about a book before you actually finish it but sometimes you run across something that you just have to share and …