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Haunter of the dark

Haunter of the Dark #reflection

The Haunter of the Dark So yeah, I’m working through some reading still. Recently it was the story “The Haunter of the Dark.” At the start it was a search for references to Nyarlathotep. There is a quick reference in the story but it is so fleeting to not be …

Book of Cthulhu

Nyarlathotep Event #reflection

The Nyarlathotep Event So here’s the thing, if you read last week, you know I am doing some reading about Nyarlathotep. This week, I will jump into some thoughts about one of the stories so far. We’re starting with a story from the Book of Cthulhu II: More tales Inspired …

Starz American Gods

Starz American Gods #reflection

Starz American Gods I feel like I should give this some kind of grand entrance and make it all seem really important and what not. But then, that wouldn’t be the way we do things around here. The other option would be to make it all cryptic and misleading and …


Happy 244 #USMC

Happy 244th Birthday to the United States Marine Corp This is going out a little early, but November 10th falls on the weekend. Happy birthday to those who have earned the title United States Marine. We are all 244 this year.

Far From Home

Far From Home #Reflection

Far From Home Let me see where I want to begin this. My thoughts are on the easiest aspect for me but at the same time the weirdest thing to quibble about. I have been a fan of Marisa Tomei since the movie “My Cousin Vinny.” Yeah, let‘s start with …

Painting and Modding

Painting and Modding

Painting and Modding I’m behind… what else is new lately. It feels like I have all manner of projects piling up around me and I am losing an inkling of an idea of where to go with most of it. So where I am going with this is, I’m looking …

Road Warrior

The Road Warrior #reflection

The Road Warrior So here’s the thing. The past week or so has been, for lack of better words, ugly. And of course, today was probably one of the worst parts of it for entirely different reasons than the other parts. It’s enough that I wasn’t sure I was going …

Final Croissant


Probably one of my favorite things in the world is a properly made croissant. For me, it needs to be made with butter, not margarine or some other butter substitute. Only real sweet cream butter brings the proper flavor to the finished treat. Making the croissant is actually super easy …

Just another day

Just Another Day

With the recent stories of Nick the Superhero I realized the story that started them all doesn’t exist on Misadventures in its present form. To that end I now bring you the original Nick the Superhero story. You can find the other stories at these links: Blade of the Broken …