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Returns the Joke Again

Return the Joke Again

Return the Joke Again We’ve already been over this, at least in part anyway. And it feels a bit strange to me that we are here again. But it had to be done with good reasons to boot. Or something… I know right… You have no idea what the hell …

heroes rise

Heroes Rise

Heroes Rise I read them out of order. Not that it mattered, at least to me, but without the background it made it a bit … Odd. Sorry, talking about Batman and the “A Death in the Family” Story line. It wasn’t that I read those particular stories out of …

Return the Joke

Return the Joke

I am running a bit out of order this week. Please bear with me as I get reoriented and such. The good news is the cold from the depths is receding and I am able to get things moving properly again. The ugly news is, now I am digging out …