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H.P. Lovecraft

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Back to Updates The recovery time last week took a toll on me I didn’t expect. Basically, I spent the week on Norco and didn’t really have the mental capacity to focus on much outside staring at a TV. I am not finished with all of that just yet, but …

Mountains of madness

At the Mountains of Madness #reflection

At the Mountains of Madness So, I thought and thought about what I should be doing for this last reflection for the month of October. There are a number of things I have read in the past month that would work but none of them really grabbed me for what …

Mankind Doesn't Matter

Mankind Doesn’t Matter

Mankind Doesn’t Matter There are so many different interpretations of this work, and in each one the details of the story change but the idea remains the same, mankind doesn’t matter. We are little more than insignificant specks in the eyes of creatures so much larger than ourselves. This is …