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George Lucas

The Star Wars

The Star Wars #reflection

The Star Wars Sometimes I wonder about the stuff I run across. As much as you wouldn’t think it would be possible, I ran across one that actually surprised me recently. So, we all know Star Wars and all the movies and so much more that came with the risky …

a new hope

A New Hope #reflection

A New Hope My geekitude goes back a long way. You knew that already, at least if you have spent any time here in the past. I mean, I saw the original Star Wars in the theater (I even saw the Christmas special on TV). And this isn’t going to …

Tie Fighter

Tie Fighter #reflection

Tie Fighter Or Dog Fights don’t just happen in space I honestly can’t remember if I have shared this particular video before or if I have spoken about it. But it doesn’t really matter because this is such a good one that it deserves more views. And I think where …