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Bloody Doors Off

The Bloody Doors Off #reflection

The Bloody Doors Off So, to start off, I am at a point where I am doing a bit of change up. If you hadn’t noticed, I didn’t post this on Sunday like I have been doing for a while now. Basically, I have been thinking about it for a …

Highland Laddie

Highland Laddie #reflection

Highland Laddie You may not believe this, but I am going to be a bit wonky in my thoughts today. To start off, I am in the process of figuring out how I test out new music. It used to be, I would hear of a group or songs from …

Complete Dracula

The Complete Dracula #reflection

The Complete Dracula I remember growing up when in my mind, vampires and Dracula were one and the same. I saw the name of the monster as the name of any monster of a similar form. And to take it a step further, all vampires were always dressed in formal …