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Different skyscrapers

Different Skyscrapers #3dtabletop

Different Skyscrapers I’m still stuck in the realm of building up a western town for Shadows of Brimstone. I say stuck but I actually enjoy the process (even though it feels like the current building is taking forever). Mind you there have been some trials and tribulations along the way …

First House

First House #3Dprinting #3Dtabletop

First House There was a meme that I ran across recently that summed up so much of my frustrations lately. The gist of the meme was Rage Against the Machine must have been talking about 3D printers. Yeah, it made me laugh. Sure, there is a lot you can do …

Building Dungeons

Building Dungeons #makerthoughts

Building Dungeons I have been watching terrain creation videos and such for a long time now. Not as long as I have played games and what not but still its been a few years. Through them I have dabbled in scratch building pieces for various games (mostly for Gaslands). And …