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Gods and Monsters

Gods and Monsters #reflection

Gods and Monsters I had been waiting a long time to see this one. You would think I might be checking the various services to see if it shows up, but nope, not me. It was my wife who brought it to my attention. Not because I had been looking …

batman ninja

Batman Ninja #reflection

Batman Ninja This might take me a bit to unpack, so bear with me a minute or two. (Who am I kidding, it’s not much different than any other time I get to blathering). We’ve touched a bit on some cross overs in the past. The last one being fairly …

Assault on our Sensibilities

Assault on our Sensibilities

Assault on our Sensibilities Comic book worlds are tied together through their different universes. At least that is how it used to be. Except when it comes to the big and small screen. Translating all of comic imagery and ideas into live action works seems to be just as difficult …

heroes rise

Heroes Rise

Heroes Rise I read them out of order. Not that it mattered, at least to me, but without the background it made it a bit … Odd. Sorry, talking about Batman and the “A Death in the Family” Story line. It wasn’t that I read those particular stories out of …

Return the Joke

Return the Joke

I am running a bit out of order this week. Please bear with me as I get reoriented and such. The good news is the cold from the depths is receding and I am able to get things moving properly again. The ugly news is, now I am digging out …

When Gods Fall

When Gods Fall

When Gods Fall Comic books and superheroes are an American mythology. I touched on this a little when I wrote about the graphic novel and movie for The Watchmen. Birthed with the first true superhero, Superman, in Action Comics back in 1938, we needed heroes that were larger than life. …