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if i had a hammer

If I had a Hammer

This is a blast from the past (December 21, 2015) that seems appropriate to share again for the start of the holiday shopping season. If I had a Hammer I know you’ve been there, this isn’t my first time in this position myself. The fight began when I pulled the …

All that Glitters

All That Glitters #traditions #horror

All That Glitters Snow. Fresh snow. Fluffy, crisp, snow that crunched under his feet as he padded through the yard to his mailbox. Tendrils of cold wormed their way across his flesh. He hadn’t been prepared for it. They, predicted for weeks that the first snows of winter were still …


Klaus is Coming to Town #reflection

Klaus is Coming to Town I honestly had no idea what I might want to talk about for Christmas weekend. I mean I am literally sitting here on Christmas Eve and I still had nothing. Operative word being had. That’s right. It was like the comic spirits had been thinking …

Christmas Miracles

Christmas Miracles

Christmas Miracles If you hadn’t noticed this is Christmas week. I am not one for sending out cards or anything like that. Sure they are nice and all but it has never been something that we have gotten into. Instead of a card sent out to the winds, you can …