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Supurbia #reflection

Supurbia The neighborhood I live in is essentially two different neighborhoods. At least when it comes to the age of the houses. See, the street we live on is part of the original neighborhood. The houses here have been around since probably the 70s or so. The streets further into …


Station #reflection

Station Okay, so I don’t know if I have ever talked about this before. Yes, this is leading up to something else. How did you know? Anyway, growing up, I remember watching the launch of the space shuttles and all the hype around them. I was hooked. This was probably …


The Traveler #reflection

The Traveler Stan Lee is part of pop culture. I mean a big part. As we see in the huge popularity of the current run of Marvel super hero movies, and the part that he plays in them, it is almost impossible to not know that he exists. And he …