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Tech Crafting

Tech Crafting #aneta8

Tech Crafting So, I’m still on the 3D printer kick right now. I figure I have been printing pretty much nonstop for the past couple weeks. Mostly Gaslands and Shadows of Brimstone stuff. And you know, I’ve learned some stuff. But I also realize that I have reached a point …

Playing around

Playing Around #aneta8

Playing Around Ok so this is going to feel weird for a little bit. I’m working back into getting to at least one post a week. It may take some hit or misses to achieve that as I get the habit going again. So bear with me. Anyway, I’m still …


Experiments #aneta8

Experiments Hey, look at this, I’m doing a post. It’s been a while and the world keeps getting crazier. Through it all we have to do what we can to remain sane. Or maybe we finally wake Cthulhu and let the world burn. Most days, it’s a coin toss. Anyway, …