Switched Opportunity

Time for the weekly Indies Unlimited flash fiction challenge. They give the written and picture prompt. Can you write a story to go with it in 250 words or less. My story for this week’s challenge follows the prompts.

Switched Opportunity

Jessica set up her easel along the trail at the top of Goat Rock. She knew Chad hiked past this very spot every Saturday morning. It was oddly incompetent of any reputable operative to have such a predictable schedule. She always, always staggered her errands and habits so that no one could hunt her.

She mushed the brush against the canvas, trying her hand at abstract art. It was a mess, but hopefully no one else would figure that out. Just then, she noticed Chad, and his strong thighs, as he came up the trail from the beach. His blue eyes nearly pierced her. It was then Jessica realized Chad’s predictability may have meant that he wanted to be found – and he was expecting her…

Switched Opportunity

Photo by K.S. Brooks

Chad had changed the routine. Instead of the run on the beach he normally took, this week he had gone snorkeling. He waved the spear gun in his right hand around non-committedly but Jessica took note that it passed in her direction quite often.

There was no time to debate her next action. She ducked behind her easel as she spun it between them. At the same time, she grabbed her Glock and clicked off the safety. Gun fire at the beach would draw a crowd but she needed time, time to break contact and get away.

She peered around the easel. Chad was gone. A ruse to draw her out, it must have been. She blew her cover and lost the target all in a matter of seconds. Jessica didn’t wait around, left her supplies where they lay and hightailed it back to the parking lot and her car.

She leaned against her car with a sigh of relief. She hadn’t been followed and she hadn’t caused a scene near the beach. The car’s security system chirped with the press of the button on her key fob and then she climbed into the car. That was when she noticed the passenger side door hadn’t been fully closed.

Chad held his pistol steady. A quick shot from the back seat would end her career.

“Took you long enough,” he said. “Tag, you’re it.”

In a flash of movement, he popped the passenger seat forward and jumped out of the car.


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