Changing Faces and Swapping Minds #thoughts

Changing Faces and Swapping Minds

I had an odd awakening yesterday. In a conversation with my wife she described someone as her supervisor. But the description she stated was of no one I could picture or better yet it wasn’t the person I thought she was describing. I mean to say, the description could have been one of many different people but I found confusion in the exchange. So I had to ask, who the heck she was talking about.

Turned out the image I had in my mind for a number of years now for what this woman looked like was entirely the opposite of what she looked like. No, we’ve never really talked about it and I think the image came into mind simply based on the woman’s name. It’s that cognitive connection we make with people’s appearance and names associated with those names. And I went through several moments of WTF because my mental landscape changed. It was a weird feeling.

And now I can hear you asking me through the mind waves of the internet, “what does this have to do with anything?” And in answer I tell you, absolutely nothing. I just wanted to share a story. Sadly, it was a lame story with really no point to it.

With that out of the way we can get to the more important aspect of the day…

That first bit there, well that’s about all I have for a story for the moment. I needed the time to talk about some other stuff. This is mainly within the realm of books and stuff.

I feel like the opening story relates a bit solely because we are talking about appearances today. I’m trying to figure out the way to segue into this and every sentence I have written before this one (that I deleted along the way) seems to be clunky and awkward and it feels like something forced. Basically, Draft 2 Digital made some changes over the past year or so where the books published through them get this fantastic looking interior formatting. So, they not only made the publishing of books that much easier but now the books look all pretty and such. Not to be outdone, Amazon’s KDP has recently created a new app that will do something similar for books.

Sure, the choices for interiors is a bit limited in either system but the possibilities have grown immensely now from where we were not too long ago. And the books look really nice coming from either system. This is a good thing all around. And also for someone like me who writes stories in several different genres, there is now a bit of consistency to be had in styling the interiors based on genre.

Add to all of this, the next innovation that I found quite handy. It is possible to create a storefront through Facebook Pages. This makes it possible to showcase books (or other items if you are so inclined) in a place with easy access.

With all of that build up, I imagine you can see where this is going. I have been doing updates not only on all books on all channels, but I have been building the catalogue of available books on the Misadventures in Strange Places Facebook Page. The best part of that is also another great service put together by the folks at Draft 2 Digital. Through their Books 2 Read service, all of the books listed on Facebook have a link that makes it easy to find them anywhere they are sold.

To sum up… I have books for sale out there. They are pretty to look at and they are easier to find than they have ever been. Go forth and buy books, help me support my nefarious habits.


If you enjoy these stories, consider leaving some coffee money in the jar or you could buy a book or two. Either way helps keep the stories flowing.

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