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When you get used to seeing these Indies Unlimited story posts you will begin to realize that the folks over at IU are a little off. I mean, sure I write some strange stuff on my own. But when it comes to the prompts that they share for their flash fiction challenge, I have to wonder what the heck?

Granted this week’s prompt isn’t as strange as some I have seen in the past but it is a bit out there anyway.

As always, the drill is pretty simple. Read my story, then head over to Indies Unlimited and vote for my story. I guess while you are there you can take a few minutes and read the other stories. But really, this is all about me. Me, me, me…

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photo by K. S. Brooks

She bore no number or insignia. Her instruments were strange, marked with unfamiliar characters and symbols.

When we towed her ashore, we could see the sides of the craft were emblazoned with glyphs reminiscent of those we’d seen in Mayan ruins. As Lassiter began to interpret the glyphs, I saw his face go pale…

“This can’t be right,” Lassiter said. “This can’t be right at all.” He flipped through research notes while he shook his head at at the pages and threw them to the floor. “Wait, here it is. Look at this.” He shoved the page under my nose.

“What am I looking at?” I asked. I held the paper out at arm’s length but still made no meaning of the symbols marked on the sheet.

Lassiter smacked his finger into the paper and knocked it from my hand. “It is here, the key we have been looking for.” He grabbed my shoulders and shook me as he said, “The symbols on this ‘sub’, they are so much more than what we thought.”

What I thought, was that he had gone mad, but I accepted his exuberance. “Calm down,” I said. “Explain your madness.”

“These symbols are the tie that binds the pyramids of Egypt and the Mayan ruins. This is no watercraft we have found,” he said. “We must get it into the lab post haste.”

I grabbed his arms and forced him to stand still for a moment. Perchance he might catch his breath and step back from the precipice of madness. Little did I know how far over the edge he had already fallen. To make it worse, he meant to drag me into the void with him.

“If my eyes do not deceive me,” he said. “We now have evidence of life beyond the stars.”

Ever thought of what you might do when (or if) we find out about life outside our world?

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