Strange Visions

Strange Visions

It has been an interesting day today. First and foremost, I don’t have a typical monday story for your perusal. Instead I have a moment of real life being stranger than fiction. And this is just a small part of the strangeness that has been my day.

So I had an appointment that required drive time today (ya, I had to leave the house). The final destination is about 10 to 15 minutes away from my house and the drive takes me through the back roads. Back roads around here generally include farmland.

Before I forget to mention it I want to bring up that I forgot to take my phone with me. Most of the time this is a non issue. I don’t really make calls and most of the world doesn’t have my number. But sometimes you run across an emergency…

At one point I had just turned down a back road that had a bean field on the right and houses on the left. I noticed something odd on the ground just a short distance away. As I drew closer it took a definite shape, the upper torso of a little girl.

She lay half in the field and half out, I can still see it plain as day. A girl around 10 or so with brown curly hair, wearing a hot pink t-shirt. I immediately thought I should call 911. This is when I realized I didn’t have my phone with me.

So I keep driving. I can make the call when I get to my destination. Makes sense right. Of course all the stop lights are working against me. Finally get there, and make the call. Maybe 10 minutes go by between when I saw the body and then the call to the cops. During the process of the call to the cops we got cut off but they have all my information and everything.

I did what I needed to do and then prepared to head back home. This is a fairly quick trip all told but something I need to do on occasion. On my way out I run across a man who turns out to be the chief of the local police.

We drive over to where I saw the body to assist a couple patrolmen in the search because they can’t see it. I walk up and down the road looking for where it should be and don’t see it either.

I am told we need to stick around for a little bit to wait on the sheriff so I can make a statement and such. No biggie but at this point I need to make a call home to let people know I am going to be held up a bit longer. Wouldn’t you know, both of the patrolmen I am standing there with don’t have their phones either.

Now I know what you’re thinking. I must have mistaken what I saw. And you would be right. I am not delusional and I probably should have stopped and double checked before I made the call. It was most likely a trick of the rainy day and all that.

But there is a conspiracy theorist in me, and we all know that I like to spend my time writing stories that involve murder and death in bizarre ways and all manner of mayhem. So at this point my mind is spinning all sorts of fun possibilities.

And then there is the other side of the coin. After it is all said and done, I am actually quite happy that the cops didn’t ask me about my occupation at the time. The questions to follow my answers would not have looked good at any point in there I am pretty sure.

So basically what we are now left with is a crazy weirdo, me, seeing strange visions and then involving the authorities in his twisted conspiracies. And this was only a small portion of my day. Oh the oddness that is my world.

Who knows, there may be some stories that come from all this in the future.

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