Strange Days Indeed

Strange Days Indeed

So, I mentioned a trip to the UP last weekend. Never fear, there will be more on that later but for now I have some things that need to be shared and such.

The most important thing right now is, I ended up with 4 days without access to the internet. This wasn’t part of the plan. My phone had gone crazy so even without wifi at our motel, I couldn’t even use my phone for anything relating to work. Again, story for another time.

The sad part of all this, I am still playing catch up for everything that fell by the wayside over the weekend. This has left me behind when it comes to our current story. This means it will have to wait till next week, when I have gotten everything going in the right direction again.

But, I have not left you without something to ponder and explore. In an amazing bit of forethought, I have a guest post up at The Gal in the Blue Mask’s site. She is doing a run of 62 days of horror right now (my bit here is day 11 of the run). This month is devoted to interviews and such, so I left a bit of rambling blather story post over there. I believe we will be visiting again in December when I should have a story of some sort shared as well. But the world is weird so you never know what might happen.

If you find you have some time while you visit me over there, check out some of the others in the mix. There are some cool authors hanging out with her this month and you don’t want to miss any of them.

Remember, The Gal in the Blue Mask, you’ll be glad you did.

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