State of the Writer #updates 8-3-20

State of the Writer

So this is probably going to be shortish. Mostly I am doing a state of the writer/gamer for the moment. I figure we should know what is going on in life to better prepare us for … something. Yeah, I have no idea what we are intending to be prepared for.

Anyway, As the summer hit I had to get into some summer work. So I ended up going to an independent company that delivers Fed Ex packages. Spending the hottest part of the year, delivering heavy packages while sweating my life away, this is not what I would have expected to be doing this summer. But at least its some money coming in…

The area this company delivers to is roughly an hour away. But at least the hub we work from is only about 10 minutes away from my house. Yeah, the days I am delivering I have roughly an hour before I drop my first package for the day. It’s a bit crazy but I spend most of the day listening to the music I want to listen to and driving all over the Southern Michigan countryside. The days I end up at the border to Indiana are a bit surreal.

I’m still delivering food to school kids two days a week. This is my easy days on Tuesdays and Fridays. End up spending about 3 hours driving around half one of the largest trailer parks in this area. And you want to talk about crazy, the amount of weird drama that goes on in there, yeah, I am building a vast field of story fodder at this point.

Adjusting to how life is moving right now is still a bit odd. But it is happening. I’m still writing everyday. And with that I am filling up the story well. It’s a slow process of continuing to explore the landscape of my own mind and looking for the stories that are waiting to be told. Of course, looking for the fun in the stories is there too. I’ve been running across some strange lately. There will be a point where things are coming back out into the world again too.

The lockdown has still limited quite a bit of gaming. At this point we just don’t go out to a shop and hope to do anything as a pick up game. We have to have specific time and games set aside to get anything in. Gaming at my house has changed too. I don’t remember if I have talked about this in the past. Not everyone can actually make it to the house to play stuff like Shadows of Brimstone. So we set up Zoom for those who are not able to be part of the in person gaming. Not quite as good as being together to play but we all have to improvise and adapt sometimes.

Anyway, this has been a short update on life and such. I’m still here, just fighting through all the crap life is throwing at us right now. Be ready, at some point all the crap around us will be a distant memory and we may even find ourselves enjoying so much of what we haven’t been able to experience right now.

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