Southern Michigan Paranormals

Probably one of the worst places you can live is in something called a Fear Box. I know your question, I wondered just what it was too when I first heard it. As it turns out we are surrounded by electromagnetic activity. We can’t really escape it in our technology driven culture. But there are places where the energy is so powerful that it can cause paranoia, and a multitude of other mental and physical issues. This energy is also something that ghost hunters measure to detect supernatural phenomena.

Southern Michigan Paranormals

Stolen from the Southern Michigan Paranormals Website

This was something I learned the other day when I went to a speaking engagement for the Southern Michigan Paranormals. Yes, it’s true, there are groups of people that spend their time searching for the strange and bizarre. I mean aside from the ones we see on TV. They use tools like EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) meters in their efforts to disprove supernatural phenomena. That’s right, I said disprove.

See, that’s the crazy part. You might expect those who spend their time chasing ghosts to believe in the strange and unusual. And there is a good bit of belief in their, but at the same time, it is in their best interest to search to answer all the questions of how something can be explained.

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” Sir Arther Conan Doyle

Sure, yeah, I connected the Sherlock Holmes quote with this. But it makes sense. When you can’t find any other way of reproducing the event, the next thought goes to the improbable. This was the adventure that Dan Holroyd took us on over a two hour period at my local library. Through stories of his team’s investigations and then videos, pictures, and even some audio we were shown things that in our day to day world, don’t make much sense at all.

Southern Michigan Paranormals

Dan Holroyd of Southern Michigan Paranormals

Of course, our thoughts would turn to the search for ghosts and all that might entail, but really, the purpose of groups like this tends to be something that stretches a bit further than that. In the search for understanding they tend to do quite a bit of research of the places they investigate and the people that have had contact with those places. There is a search for history and cultural preservation of the areas we have touched in our past.

There is a line of thought that places where we have interacted with others carries emotional and psychic resonance. Our moments in time are imprinted on the areas we inhabit and there those who can feel and interact with these moments in time. And then there are tools that can be used to touch those energies as well.

Mind you, all of that is pushing into grey areas that can be argued against, while at the same time we still find things that we can’t fully explain with our current thought processes. I guess where I am going right now is to state simply enough, you be the judge. Take some time and check out a bit of the evidence presented and see what you think about it. You never know, you may find that you believe, even if it’s just a bit more than you did before.


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