Some Things are Better Left Untold

Mornings keep coming sooner and sooner lately. But for the life of me I can’t figure out why the start of this week I felt so much more tired than I do coming toward the end of the week. Mind you, the tired is there in both cases but there seems a difference between them. I could be going crazy. Which brings us closer to what is on my mind right now.

To start off, I was flipping through the assorted videos in my recommended list on YouTube. I like to think I have varied enough tastes that I run into all manner of different ideas there. It all started with a video pondering the thought that of the reality of Yog-Sothoth. For those of us not in the “know,” this is a reference to the Cthulhu Mythos. Yog-Sothoth is an older god and also known as the Lurker at the Threshold.

Now I could go into all manner of stuff that pertains to that and maybe give some deeper explanation. But that would be the easy thing. Instead, I’m going to do a round-about dip into the insanity and weirdness of where my mind goes sometimes. And yeah, this is all leading somewhere.

So, I watched that video. And then I turned to my Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia for a bit more insight. This is a tome published in 2008 by Elder Signs Press (written by Daniel Harms). Well worth investing in if you want to fuel a nightmare or two. I turn to it quite often as I run across something I want a quick bit of information about.

Anyway, where all this is leading is to a bit of something I was toying around with after I did all this other stuff. As has been said in the past, these vignettes I do tend to be nothing more than exercises of thought. They may never be fleshed out, at least not in their current form. This is part of the story telling process I go through as I am filling the well before I dip back into longer works.

Somethings are better left untold

Jack couldn’t take his eyes from the book. He fixated on it the moment he saw it; on a shelf in the bookstore. He couldn’t believe it had been left there.

He had found it in the self-help section. This wasn’t the used bookstore where something like this might be commonplace. No, it was at one of the bigger box stores. The tome looked to have been in its spot for some time. He had disturbed a thin layer of dust when he picked it up.

Some things are better left untold

Flickr Creative Commons via Zeevveez

The troubling part of it all had been what felt like a guiding light that led him to the book on the shelf. One of those moments where it appears like a light from heaven illuminating an object of power. But he was sure he had imagined that part of it.

He didn’t have the money for it right then. Took some finagling and a bit of trickery to get the book from its spot on the shelf over to a section of the store he was certain it wouldn’t be touched. And then the trick of coming up with the cash he needed for the sticker price.

At first, he sold some blood. But the cash they paid him barely covered a couple days of food and that was about it. He had reached a point where he barely broke even when he sold his plasma anymore. Definitely not enough for some extras in his life.

It all came down to the favors. He had bought some and sold some and finally come up with enough cash to take the book home. The first problem with that came when he couldn’t find the book in the store anymore.

It wasn’t where he had stashed it and it hadn’t been returned to its original home. Filled with desperation, he scoured the store. Someone had to have moved it to a different section. The odds of the book being picked up and bought seemed slim at the time. Jack was the only person he knew who even dipped through the stuff he explored.

But that didn’t deter him. Even when a couple suspicious store employees had given him the eye while he searched the children’s section for the book. They wouldn’t chase him off that easily.


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