Smoked Turkey #realfood

Smoked Turkey

One of the things we like around here during the summer is turkey smoked on the grill. When you have enough freezer space, Thanksgiving is the best time to load up on turkeys. We tend to have 3 or 4 sitting in the freezer waiting for summer time.

Most times I will just cut out the back bone and spread the whole bird out. It tends to cook quicker that way. This time I was making something a touch fancier. I deboned the bird, just like I have done in the past with a whole chicken.

A turkey is done the same way. It is just a bigger bird to deal with. Of course you want to make stock with the bones. This will keep you hopping a little but worth it in the end. You can’t have bird without a sauce to go with it (it’s just not done!).

I stuffed the turkey with onions, garlic, potatoes, and carrots. The veggies were hit with salt, pepper, Herbs de Provence, and some olive oil. The oil works for flavor and a little extra fat to help avoid drying out the turkey. I always end up cooking these for 6 hours or more.

This bird was a 12 pounder and was done right at the 6 hour mark. It was smoked for 2 hours and then roasted at 225 for another 4 in our oven. I might have even been able to go another hour for the veggies.

Time for a pint…

smoked turkey 1

Deboned and ready for filling

smoked turkey 2

Root Vegetable filling

smoked turkey 3

Trussed and ready for the grill

smoked turkey 4

offset the heat for a slow smoke

smoked turkey 5

She’s a pretty bird ready for the slicer

smoked turkey 6

Crispy skin and well cooked veggies

smoked turkey 7

That’s some good eating right there

smoked turkey

Smoked Turkey for dinner time

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