Sigfried Watches #flashfiction

Seems I am surrounded by strange conspiracies this week. Well, maybe not from Indies Unlimited. Their flash fiction challenge every week is a great way to create a writing habit. Well, maybe that is a conspiracy. How dare they trick us into writing words and stuff.

How about we just go to the story. And then after that, head on over to Indies Unlimited and do some voting after. But you already know the drill don’t you?

Sigfried Watches

Sigfried Watches

Photo by K. S. Brooks

I called him Sigfried. He just flew down and landed on that fence post one day when I was plowing. He came every day after that. He just sat there and watched me. When I left, he left.

One day, I decided to go over and see how close I could get before he flew away. But he didn’t fly away.

I walked right up and touched him. That’s when I realized he wasn’t a real bird, but a very realistic robot. I could see the cameras for eyes; hear the tiny servos whirring as he twitched and moved. They had found me. After all this time they had found me again…

The hawk of all things, they watched me with a cliché. That’s the government for ya, can’t even think of something new when they spy on you.

I couldn’t let them know I was on to them. I had to stick to the script, pretend I  was oblivious. Sudden moves and a team would be here faster than a senator in a lurid hotel room with a hooker.

I strolled back to the plow and hooked it up again. Ol’ Bessy, my mare was getting restless anyway. We still had a couple more rows to finish before we went back up to the house.

I came out here to get away from all that other nonsense. I retired dammit. Didn’t matter, the field wouldn’t plow itself.


Halfway through the second row, Sigfried took to the air. I threw myself into the work so might not have noticed if the thing hadn’t taken a turn to buzz past me on its way to the sky. Seriously, it buzzed me, their way of telling me that they knew I guess.

A black sedan in the driveway, I could run, but what would be the point? Only thing left now was to go to the front door and invite them in.

But I expected this. The missile launcher I installed in the roof of the house made short work of their car. I never leave home without my IPod. Did you know there’s an app for that?


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