Showdown at Smith Rock

Hey buckaroos, you knew today was Wednesday right? That fateful day for stories to be found for voting over at the Indies Unlimited ranch. They rustle up the best stories of the week from their flash fiction challenge and give all you cowpokes a chance to vote for your favorite.

Showdown at Smith Rock

Yup, Blackjack McDougal was in there, all right. His tracks led you to this very spot. Strange that he’d let you corner him this way. But you’re not stupid – you figure it must be a trap.

showdown at smith rock

photo by K. S. Brooks

He wasn’t going to get away with it, no, not this time. The cavalry was on its way. Not just any cavalry either: X-Troop. They had a score to settle with McDougal, too. That’s all great, but you’d really like to capture McDougal yourself, and finally prove to the town that you’re worthy of being sheriff. A rattlesnake moved across the trail ahead. That gave you an idea that made you smile…

It was just like the snake hunting you did with your brothers when you were a kid. Them there snakes, they always had a second opening to get out of their holes. Sure they had their bites to contend with but with enough noise and the promise of freedom you could avoid the bite and catch yourself a big one.


The X-Troop came in all hootin’ and a hollerin’ like you knew they would. Only problem was, the second opening had been further up the ridge than you expected. If you hadn’t been watchin’ for it, you wouldn’t have seen Blackjack struggling up the hill.
With a hop onto the back of your horse it was nothin’ but a quick ride to get in close, close enough for a shot at that snake as it tried to get away. As you pull in close you see the situation better than a minute ago. It isn’t that he was strugglin’ up the hill. Blackjack McDougal was caught by the snake for real.

Nothin’ but a Bowie knife in hand he stood toe to scale with a rattler that didn’t look to give him an inch. Decisions like this make it hard to be a lawman sometimes. That pleading look in his eyes as he gave you a quick glance, well, you couldn’t just let that slide.

You put a bullet in the head of the snake then drop some cuffs at Blackjack McDougals feet then say, “Your move.”


Pull up a spot by the fire and a bucket o’beans and get ready for the stories you can find here and the stories for voting over at the Indies Unlimited ranch. Don’t be a cotton headed ninimuggins and miss your chance.

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