Short Break

Short Break

So I am a horrible person. I realized this a long time ago and I am sure there are a number of people that could give you a list. But let me tell you why this is true right now.

Early last week, I had made a conscious decision to take a bit off from the blog. This isn’t to say that writing has stopped (It hasn’t). No, it is more to the point that I have too much going on right now in the real world that I want to get a bit through.

Last week it was due in part to the holiday and my 25th wedding anniversary. And matters only compounded when I ended up spending a day with a stomach virus. I couldn’t have foreseen that but it was a thing that happened and just added to all the other stuff.

Well in this week ahead, I will be heading back to Detroit for the procedure I have mentioned in the past. I am still not going to go into details of that here. But I will give some interesting thoughts on the whole thing.

Essentially, what we thought was going to happen, has been changed. Instead of an incredibly drastic operation, it is going to be a smaller jump to health. My surgeon has been learning going through studies and such to see where we could have better odds with my problem. See, originally I was only expected to have an 80% chance of success. The worst case being that the operation would be for nothing.

Well instead of that we are going to go through a series of smaller jumps. The intent being that maybe these will take care of the issue without the surgery. And the other half of that is the hope that if I do eventually need the surgery again, that I will have better odds of it working out.

And so, this is where I stand. I am basically caught in the middle of all manner of strange things happening right now. And in that process, I am a bit less inclined to spend time in the world where I would have to communicate with others. At least for a little.

What this means for you, I will be back in the early part of December ready to spin some yarns and make the world a little darker for us all. Or something…

In the meantime, don’t get bloody, unless you have a good story to go with it…

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