The Sentry

Wednesday likes to sneak up on us quite a bit I think. For some people this means we have reached Humpday. But for others, this means it is time to get some votes in over at Indies Unlimited and their flash fiction challenge.
For those of you who are new to this fun interlude, the challenge is to write a 250 word story based on a visual and written prompt. The prompt comes out on Saturdays and on Wednesdays we get to vote on the best story of the week.

Every week I share my story and the written prompt with you here and hope you make your way to the vote and put your appreciation toward boosting my scores.

With all that said, let’s get into the story.

The Sentry

the sentry

photo by K. S. Brooks

Devil watched as the raggedy band of humans maneuvered through the narrow confines of the canyon below.

He could smell the death clinging to them. He knew they had not found the water and they were walking farther from it every minute.

In another mile or so, it would be too late. They would be at the mercy of the Black Canyon Pack. But Devil was not like the rest of the pack. He did not think it wise to make prey of humans…

Devil raced through the rocks. This was his one chance to head off the two legs before they found the pack.

He overtook them at the crest of the next rise. Pain and fear exuded from their pores, the stench of humans unaccustomed to these lands. But there was something more, a hunger born of desperation, he saw it in their eyes. They would still fight to live.

With growls and yips he sought to herd them, force them to turn back to the water they needed to survive. The bigger one wedged himself between devil and the female, though his stance spoke of supplication.

Devil sat and cocked his head in wonderment. The males desire to protect the other showed him an intelligence unexpected of the two legs. He did not lunge, did not attack. Instead he barked once again and ran past. He barked once more and waited for the two to notice his intention.

With the barks of two legs, he felt the curiosity in their exchange. The female, she understood. She followed devil and drug her mate to follow. He ran so they could follow. Though tired and damaged they made progress away from Black Canyon.

The call froze the blood in Devil’s veins. The pack caught the scent. Hunters answered that call from other directions. He barked for the two legs to hurry, the borders into the free lands was close. They still had a chance, if only they could reach the final pass.

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