In Search of Demon Days #Reflection

In Search of Demon Days

There were a few things I always wanted from this particular blog when I started out. The main being that I never wanted this to be a typical writer’s blog. I am not here to give advice on writing or the world of indie or anything like that. Mostly, I wanted it to be a place of stories, fictional and anecdotal.

There are times when it all comes together and works and times where I wonder what exactly it is I am doing. I think the wonder what I am doing part happens far more often than the former. It’s a strange ride and there are things that just make it all weirder and weirder.

And then I realize that another aspect that has grown for me has been the idea that I need a place for thoughts where I can think about them and figure out what it is going on in my head. Because I have never understood that dark scary place on my own. Which brings me, in a roundabout way, to my thoughts today.

I ran across a video on YouTube (of all places) talking about the band Gorillaz. I am sure I have mentioned the sizable music collection I have. It’s grown to the point of if I skim through it, there is a good chance I will find something I didn’t know I had. Now I knew I had some music from the Gorillaz on my hard drive. But to be honest, I don’t know that I have ever listened to it.

in search of demon days

Granted, I remember when they had made it big on the radio years ago. And I say this when I really don’t listen to the radio. Not by choice anyway. It is one of those things where the music played by others invades our life and you find things. This is a divergence, but you know what I mean right? The times when people around you inflict their musical choices on you whether you want to listen to them or not…

Anyway, yeah, I have some of the music on my system and I can’t even remember when it came to me. It’s almost a moment where it spontaneously grew in the collection. And now we circle back to the earlier moment. The video was a mocking video of another’s commentary about how evil the band is. Mind you, this is a cartoon band. It is a form of storytelling using the music and persona of a fictitious band to tell stories in the oddity of the bands world.

I have known for a long time that there was an underlying story about all this but like I mentioned, I haven’t really listened to the band in years. And how it all ended up in my collection remains a mystery to me right now.

But as we dig into the thoughts on all of this it all seems to make a little sense in a cosmically strange analysis. See, there are demon worship moments within the storytelling and moments of cosmic evil. So, in some cosmic horror moment, Cthulhu must have passed the music along to me. Or something… Stranger things have happened, I’m sure of that at least.

Which now we have to wonder, how does any of this actually tie together and what does it all mean? And to that I say, maybe I am just rambling, and my mind is already gone. Sometimes there isn’t a cosmic lesson to be learned. Face value is all we are to gain. Take our licks when we can and move on to other oddities.


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