Sausage and Kraut #realfood

Sausage and Kraut

I must be on a kick lately but considering we are in the fall and it is Oktoberfest time, it seems appropriate to showcase foods that fit in with the theme. (Imagine I don’t get into this kick for Thanksgiving or Christmas)

If you remember, last week we looked at making our very own naturally fermented sauerkraut. Well, in case you were wondering what you could do with that kraut when it is finished, I want to share with you my favorite dish; Sausage, sauerkraut, and boiled potatoes.This is the way I have had it pretty much all my life. It is one of my comfort foods and also something I am happy to say my kids have grown to love as well.

Sausage and kraut
There really isn’t a recipe for this. But I will say I use about a pound of my natural kraut with a few polish sausages. Of course add in some julienne onion to balance the flavors and you have a great meal. Boiled potatoes complete this meal. We tend to crush them on our plate with salt, pepper, and butter. It really is that simple.

Time for a pint…


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