Sacrifice within Service

I’m going to apologize up front. This would be my normal night to share something food or beer related but I ran across something recently and I wanted to delve into something a bit different. I also want to apologize because I am going to talk some politics. I try to keep stuff like that away from here (it’s meant for Facebook) but I was lost in some thoughts today and thought it worth the share.

First off, Jaqueline Gum from Where’s the Justice wrote a post about freedom for the 4th of July (US Independence day). It wasn’t necessarily about today’s subject matter but it did lead to it. She told a story about a different kind of freedom and the sacrifices that were paid for it.

Which leads us into today’s topic.

Sacrifice within Service

When you think of people in public service we tend to think only of the services they provide. We see this as how they benefit the people they serve. Examples of course: firefighters and emergency work, military and fighting wars and national defense. Basically it is a pretty straight forward exchange. But it is never that simple.

There is a universal law that is seldom talked about, the law of sacrifice. Bear with me, I know that sounds a bit new agish but I am getting to the importance of all of this.

Long ago we sacrificed our crops or our animals to ensure a good harvest and what not. Again a fairly straightforward example of the law. But there is something much more important in play here that is not readily apparent.

I like to use the example of the military, but you could sub in just about any other form of service. When we join the military we sign up for a set number of years. We sacrifice those years of our life in service for the common good. During this time we give up all rights and privileges. We are little more than property of the government. At times we will be commanded to risk our lives to protect others. Military personnel have sacrificed a portion of their lives so that others will not have to.

When you are asked to thank the military for their service, this is what you are thanking them for. The thing is, you shouldn’t even need to be asked. But we have forgotten what it is to sacrifice.

Look at it from the perspective of a fire fighter. They were not recruited. They signed no papers to give a portion of their life away. They have chosen to do this with no compact. At times they will risk their very lives so you don’t have to, a sacrifice beyond measure.

The problem

The thing is, we have forgotten the importance of sacrifice within service. Sure in some cases it is readily apparent. But there are others that instead of sacrifice we have taken to greed.

The worst case of this comes to mind within the political systems. Public service is a sacrifice of your time and life. Yet we have politicians all over who instead of the public trust, serve only their private good.

Maybe I am not saying much that you are not already thinking. But the reality is, it doesn’t matter which direction you vote anymore. Both groups are really only a single group and in it for one thing, themselves.

But politics are an easy area to identify this problem. There are so many other areas of our daily lives that this same principle is out of whack. Because of this our lives have also grown out of whack.


Personally, I don’t have any right now. More laws, more government interference only exacerbates the issue. Although one possibility would be to replace the problems within the system and hope that the solution doesn’t lead to more problems.

Of course, this problem hits more than just the political system. So many have forgotten about service and sacrifice for others that it may require a reboot of all our minds to bring everything back into a better stand point. Maybe that is part of the answer right there. We should look within ourselves and find where our own priorities are out of whack and strive to correct the issues on a personal level.

Mind you, I am not advocating we become doormats. Proper service to the common good is nothing of the sort. We become doormats when we allow those who do not follow the principles of service and sacrifice to continue with their own agenda.

Or maybe I am just pontificating to hear myself speak. I’ll hit the ball into your court. What do you think? Can we find the path back to service and sacrifice for the common good?


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