The Rescue

Must be Wednesday, you know what that means right? Time for the weekly flash fiction vote over at Indies Unlimited. April has been Mr. Pish month over there so it is only fitting that this last challenge would feature him in a starring role again. Without much more babbling from me, let’s see what this weeks story is.

The Rescue

We had deliberately steered our crippled stardisc to this remote area to avoid any casualties among the native population.

It is a frightening thing to crash on an alien planet. My shipmates, Xax and Xenu, were badly injured. I was hopelessly pinned in the wreckage.

Our only hope lay with the small white quadruped who saw us fall. I sent my thought-waves to him.

I am called Xuru. We are hurt. We need your assistance.

He sent thought-waves in response. I am called Mr. Pish. I will bring the others.

The Rescue

photo by K. S. Brooks

Now I wait in the cold, staring at the tracks he left behind. It is not until the blackness envelops me that I hear the distant sound of a party approaching…


Bipedal creatures approached our stardisc, led by Mr. Pish. Much like our culture it appeared that the smaller creature is the leader. Though it is not something we have done in quite some time, he verbally communicated directions to the bipeds and they went to work on the wreckage of our stardisc.

I tried on several occasions to communicate with the bipeds. Unlike their leader the information I received from their minds was jumbled at best. Fevered images of confectionary and some primitive mating ritual involving a stick and spherical object, bombarded my mind from what I assumed is the male of the species. The other, female, might be the subservient mate of their quadruped leader. The emotional state of this Mr. Pish lightened when she came near him.

As soon as they freed me I turned my attentions to Xax and Xenu. Without my instruments their condition would be hard to know for sure but visually they each appear to have broken their proboscis.

Thought waves from the quadruped, What more do you need?

My companions will need treatments from our medical supplies, I replied. Thanks to you and your pets we will be able to heal and repair. He cocked his head to the side at that, with thoughts I could not understand.

The male held a strange rectangular object to the side of its head. I assumed primitive communication and thought nothing of it. That is until I saw the propellered air vehicles coming toward us.


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