The Rescue

I think I am going to give a slightly different introduction to this week’s Indies Unlimited flash fiction challenge. First off, have you ever noticed that when someone says something like that they have changed it all already and then you feel a bit uncomfortable about the whole situation. By the way, do you feel meta?

The Rescue

The Rescue

Photo by K.S. Brooks

The little white blur of fury seemed to come out of nowhere. It took Stone by surprise. It just jumped out of the bushes, snarled around on his chest and face for a second and then ran off like a demon was chasing it.

But you can’t outrun a bullet, can you, little doggie? Stone leveled his gun at the dog, figuring he could hit it on the run, but the dog stopped and turned to face him.

Dangling from his mouth was the pin of a grenade – one of the grenades on Stone’s vest. By the time the men on the boat heard the explosion, the little white dog was already in the water. They had no idea what was coming. One down, four to go…

The white demon fought the surf, riding the waves further out the coast. He blended perfectly with the white froth at the top of the waves. Like a ghost he slipped on board the ship.

The men onboard looked toward the shore for the source of the explosion but saw nothing. “Stone, you there?” Blake Smalls said into his radio, nothing but static on the other end. “Pull anchor,” he yelled at the others. “We’re out of time if they took Stone out.”

One by one, the white demon took out the men. The hirelings were little more than obstacles that stood in his way to the villain. No remorse for Stone, and none for Blake. He would cut them deep and end their rot.

As he rushed into the wheelhouse, Blake stood ready. A .38 in hand stopped the dog short. “Agent Pish,” he said, “I hoped to never see you again.”

Pish sat on his haunches and took a moment to chew his butt. Then he turned to Blake with a wide puppy smile. With little more than a quick pant he shook the seawater from his fur. Blake dodged the wild spray and left himself open to the white demon. He launched himself at Blake’s gun hand and knocked it up into Blake’s chin.

Blake’s finger slipped on the trigger and the bullet slammed up through his chin and out the top of his skull. His body hit the floor. Another gang down at the hands of Agent Pish.


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