Rerun or Children are all kinds of Horror

Here’s the thing, I know we are in this huge month of horror stories everyday and stuff. But sometimes stuff happens. Or in this case I knew it was going to happen and I could have worked around it but I chose not to.


Born October 13, 2014.
7lbs 12oz

The thing is, my oldest daughter had her second child today. Yep, I be old. I am a grampa to two babies now (or in other horrors: my babies is having babies). The funny thing is I am not really that old yet. We started young and my daughter started young. Who knows, if the cycle repeats I could be a great grampa when I am sixty.

Okies, what we will do today is talk about a different kind of horror. We all know the terror and horror that comes from the fun of scary stuff and horror movies and such. It gives us a bit of a chill and gets our heart racing a little.

But this pales in comparison to the horror that is children. When the tiny terrors enter your life, everything changes. There is a voyage into the unknown when you go in for the first doctors visit and that carries on all the way through to the birth. There are days even weeks at a time when you spend almost as much time at the hospital for false alarms as you do for actual doctor’s visits (I watched Shark Week all week long with my first daughter. They knew us by name).

But then there is a bigger terror that comes out when that bundle of joy is out in the world. It is at this moment when every parent realizes that they have no clue what the hell they are doing. And they have this little thing that didn’t come with an instruction book.

I know, I know, you think I am being crazy, maybe even a little facetious. But I remember with my second kid; the blood in the room, the smells of it the sight of it, it was everywhere. There was so much that the best splatter punk movies you can find have nothing on it.

Today I had a scare. The doctor ordered everyone out of the room because my daughter was losing blood. The things that go through your mind at moments like that are the things you can create horrors from to fill your days. There is a lifetime of these moments with children that take your breath away and make your heart stop. (She’s fine by the way.)

It is through moments like that these terrible horrific moments that we are given new lives. We need these moments of horror and fear to keep us present in the whole thing. We learn to appreciate the good times so much more when they come around. But ya, through these horrors new life comes to us. Babies are born through violence and gruesome horror. Kinda crazy when you think of what we are offered as a reward for surviving that bit of turmoil.

Anyway, that’s the thing going on right now and why I really didn’t post a story other than random rambling. Carry on with your day.

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