Raspberry Delight

What is it we do on Wednesday again? Don’t be crazy, it’s time for the vote over at Indies Unlimited. You do know the deal right?

Saturdays, they provide us with a picture and a story prompt. Then we have till Tuesday to write a 250 word flash fiction piece based on the prompts. It’s that easy, and that hard.

Odd moment, as I sit her writing this I have the song Veteran of the Psychic Wars playing. It seems oddly fitting for the story we are about to read. Or maybe not and I am just insane. Either way, get to reading and then head on over to Indies Unlimited and give the story your best vote love.

Raspberry Delight

Wilbur the chipmunk loves raspberries. Unfortunately, the best berries are on the bush up by the woman’s house.

Raspberry Delight

Photo by K.S. Brooks

That is also where the cat lives. The cat does not eat raspberries, but he would like to eat chipmunks.

Wilbur thinks he is too fast for that old cat, but the cat has a new strategy…

Kitty Kitty, horrible name for a tom cat but the lady loved to say it, prowled around the raspberry bush. Vigilance, he kept it constant, prepared for any prey within reach.

He hated the berries but prey loved them, and he knew they wouldn’t resist the temptation. So he paced and prowled.

But Kitty was smart. Prey wouldn’t come to the feast with him prowling and they wouldn’t come if they weren’t sure where he might hide. He walked the same path, made himself a target. Simple really, he let prey know where he was all the time.

Self defeating, not for Kitty Kitty. He left one path opened. A small window of space that would funnel prey directly to him.

A few of them sniffed the air in the distance. He noted their approach and then fall back away from his territory. How much longer till they discovered the open path he wondered.

Two rushed him, small and quick. But Kitty kitty caught a scent from the other path. These two feinted, back the way they had come. He didn’t give chase as he prepared for the meal he knew to come.
Without warning Kitty pounced, an ariel flip that brought him down where Wilbur should have been. He turned and saw Wilbur the chipmunk had rushed past, much faster than expected.

Wilbur stuffed a ripe berry into his maw then scampered off. Kitty Kitty meowed his defeat in the wake of Wilbur’s dust.


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