Queso Blanco #freshcheese

Queso Blanco

There are a myriad variety of different cheeses with all sorts of different methods for making them. Some cheeses require special equipment and long maturation times. And then there is queso blanco. This is a simple cheese that takes very little time to make and enjoy.


1 Gallon whole milk
1/4 cup Vinegar of your choice


Heat to 190 then slowly added vinegar and ensure it is mixed in. Drain cheese through cheesecloth and strainer then tie the ends of the cloth and allow to hang dry for roughly an hour or so.


This cheese is Mexican in origin so it fits easily into foods from that region. But amazingly enough it also makes a great addition in stir frys. You can use it as a tofu replacement.

Queso Blanco

Time for a pint…


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