Pretzel Chicken

Chicken strips they’re everywhere right? And they are boring as heck. What can we do with boring old chicken strips and make them into something fun and interesting?
Pretzel chicken 1
Here we go with something a little different. Pretzel chicken was something that we made in one of the restaurants I used to work in. This is great bar food without being the normal everyday chicken strips.
pretzel chicken 3
If you have a little spicy mustard these are amazing. Though you could dip them in BBQ if you really want to.

The ingredients and method are pretty straight forward (ya, these are so simple you would be surprised you didn’t think of it yourself).
pretzel chicken 4

Pretzel Chicken


1 to 1.5lb Chicken strip meat
pretzels (roughly half a bag for this much chicken)
pretzel chicken 5


Grind the pretzels till crumbs and powder.
Press each strip into the pretzels, flattening out the meat.
pretzel chicken 6
Shallow fry each side till golden or cook in a deep fryer at 400 degrees till golden. Finish in the oven for about 5 to 10 minutes at 400 degrees.

Pretzel Chicken

Time for a pint…

Do you have any strange and different ways of preparing chicken to spice it up a little?

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